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A Life Altering Experience!
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 York County Gospel Choir
Testimonies , Thank You's & Poetry

Eric D. (Passa) Smith, June 6, 2013: Ministering
​This group of ppl are simply incredible, Only 5 years old yet, so many accomplishments, so many life changing moments and experiences. This choir sings not as professionals, or well known choir but, each engagement the Holy Spirit is ushered in. Lives are changed, hearts are rearranged. Joy unspeakable joy reigns. We have been atop of mountains, down in vallies, in straight and in narrow places. We have and continue to minister in Nursing homes. Assisted Living, Churches up and down the East Coast. Several cities in California, Cincinnati. Ohio Henderson KY. Niagra a Falls, Bermuda, Haiti, Jamaica, and Cozumel Mexico. Many different venues throughout York and York Counties. In the company of Andrae and Sandra Crouch, Jonathan Nelson, and the Marcus Garvey Tech School in Jamaica, just to name a few. Following the call of God. Where he leads us we Shall follow. If you are serious about singing the praises of Jesus I encourage you to get aboard this train. See contact info. Be Blessed.

Esther Gibbs,Jun 5, 2012 Subject: Kentucky Missions
One of the greatest things I learned from the LORD on this trip was to immediately follow HIS instructions, no matter what my own mind or anything else tells me, and just watch what HE does out of that obedience! As we obey HIM and do what we are anointed to do, HE moves and the results are are in HIS hands, not ours! GOD sure is an awesome GOD, isn't He?

Eric (Passa) Smith, May 25, 2012 Subject: Kentucky Missions
“I said I wasn’t gonna tell nobody but, I couldn’t keep it to myself” this recent missions journey wit YCGC for lack of a better word “AMAZING”. With miracle after miracle, blessings in abundance. Joy over-flowing, ever-lasting memories. Incredible people and places, Gods’ anointing every step of the way, Kentucky will always have a special place in my heart. A special thanks to the Swartz Family, beautiful people.

Schwartz Restaurant May 22, 2012 Subject: Kentucky Missions
Hey we were happy to have you stop in to eat at our restaurant today. Thanks!! Especially thanks for the song you sang .You all have the best harmony! Such a nice Christian group. It made our day! Blessings be with you.

Holly Heltebridle, July 28, 2012 Subject: "I Am A Warrior! Breast Cancer"
This statement "I am a warrior, resonates the person I today stands for. Number one is and most important to me is that I am a 20 year breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with a third reoccurrence of cancer in 2008. I realized this disease cancer is not going to conquer me so my decision was to wage a war on the disease. My first step was to take an active part in my nutrition for my body to help heal and repair any of disease that tries to go into any parts of my body or cells that are healthy. The second step was to join the York County Gospel Choir. Music has always been a part of me. My years growing from little on up. the first introduction as a child was my father who played the guitar and harmonica. We had a stereo and my dad was very versatile in his selection of music. I was exposed to all kinds of music. I found joy in it just like my dad. As I joined the youth choir, senior choir and in my high school years 9th thru 12th grade I sang in chorus and the concert choir. I would say music has always been a part of my life a very positive one because it always made me happy and positive. Being happy and positive are just one part of this warrior attitude. I started going to church with a neighbor I have known for years. We were neighbors back in the 1980's. Her name is Esther and she has helped lift me up in times whin I felt down and she knew how to lift me up by prayer with words of encouragement. The York County Gospel Choir has given me the opportunity to sing and pray for people from all around. In York where I live, churches, senior centers,nursing homes and veterans hospitals. The York County Gospel Choir is a diverse group which means we come from all over York from different churches. I feel very honored to be a part of this unique choir. It has allowed me to sing and reach out to others. I feel very blessed to be here and help others which helps me heal spiritually and physically. I thank God for my gifts He has given me and now I put them to use by giving back to others.
February 1992 to Present 2012, 20 yrs...And going & going & going. Never Give Up Hope! ! ! !

Holly Heltebridle (Choir Member) Poetry)
​Thank You God for this wonderful Gospel Choir. I thank you for David and the vision of this choir that you God inspired in them. Our gifts of singing voices has been a journey that continues through your inspiration to us. O God and we reach out to all who are in need with song and prayer ministry. May the healing words help those who are hurting physically and spiritually. We are so blessed to do thy work. We praise your name O God and thank you for your son Jesus who beared the sins of the world that we could enter your Kingdom, Heaven. Amen.

To Mr. McCoy & the York County Gospel Choir
I just don’t seem to be able to find words to express my gratitude and appreciation for your help and willingness to serve God. It was an absolutely wonderful service. Indeed, I am blessed to have had the priviledge to worship God with you. The harmony was magnificient and so soothing to the soul. I especially loved the arrangement of “What A Friend”, that was AWESOME!. Your expressions on all of your faces displayed Christ in you and it allowed so many of us to just drift away in the hands of a good God. From your demeanor, we were able to tell to whom you belonged and just who you were singing for. I thank God for all of you and for making my Family & Friends Day one of the reatest, spirit filled services we’ve had. It was truly a remarkable day. One in which I shall remember for days and weeks to come. I and still running on the spirit you and the York County Gospel Choir left behind and I’m trying to settle down. Thanks again for your dedicated assistance.

Peace, Joy & Love Ms. Sylvia
Thank You all For the Inspiration to write the poem “Seatbelts in Church”

It was good to meet all of you at Otterbine United Methodist Church, York, Aug. 30, 09. While you all were singing I began writing this poem. I was so inspired by the Holy Spirit to write this poem, “Seatbelts In Church”. 

Frederick Arthur Yohe POETRY