© York County Gospel Choir 2012 created by Cheryl Tyler
We are not Entertainers!
We are lead by the Holy Spirit!
A Life Altering Experience!
It's All About Ministry! A Life Altering Experience!
 York County Gospel Choir
About Us, Our Mission & Ministry: We Bring a Joyful Noise!

1. Singing, Dance Ministry, Prayer Ministry, Drama Team, Card Ministry
Also our Director, David McCoy teaches, Voice & Piano Lesson for Beginners, Advanced, Children & Adults.

The York County Gospel Choir was formed in York County, PA, on September, 2008 as an inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit. The choir is made up of the body of Christ through different denominations, race and cultures coming together to worship and praise the Lord, while also ministering God to others.

​​We are all different, But All equally important. We are not limited to just singing. Yes, it's true that we are a choir. But at the same time we will do what God is leading us to do. We are a MINISTRY! So if God wants us to feed, cloth, pray, sing, minister salvation then we will do that as well. We are not going by man's standards of what and who they think we should be. It is God who gives us breath and life so it is Him who we follow.

We minister to the needs of the people however God is leading. We are made up of individuals who want to serve the Lord with their whole heart and be used by Him in whatever capacity or gift that God has given them. Currently, we travel throughout York County, PA, and Maryland. But we will go wherever the Holy Spirit leads.

Cheryl Tyler is the Public Relations Administrator. She is the contact person for the choir and is in charge of scheduling engagements, sending out informational packets. She represents the Lord and the York County Gospel Choir (YCGC). Cheryl is  one of the alto singers and prayer warriors. She brings the Lords love wherever she goes while meeting no strangers. Cheryl has a great imagination, an author, songwriter, play writer & ministries. Everything she does is out of the box. Cheryl knows the Lords voice and follows his lead.
Marilyn Blacke is our Correspondence Person and is so precious. She is the . Meaning she sends out our thank you cards, cards to our sick and shut in, thinking of you and cards for every occassion. No one can do it the way she does it. Never a complaint, always a smile. Marilyn is one of our prayer warriors and she also has an angelic soprano voice. You can go to her for anything that you need to talk to her about in confidence with a surety that it will stay with her. I call Marilyn our wise council because she is wise beyond her years.
DIRECTOR: Mr. David McCoy Director, David McCoy is the official leader, anointed director and minister of music for the York County Choir. God called me to put together a multi-denominational, multi-cultural & multi-racial choir. I have a home fellowship and Men's Ministry through which many come to Christ. In playing the piano since the age of nine, my commitment and passion about doing the Lords work, makes me push people to their maximum potential. I've always believed in using the gifts that God has given each one of us. My experience also has me teaching voice and piano with talent, and patience.